by: Rick Johnson
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Tucson, Az.

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It’s no secret that I enjoy archery.
This is one of my many joys in life, BUT…
…..I am a Traditional Archer! I like a bare bow without all those cams and gears and pistol-release junk that modern archers use.
Give me a bow and an arrow, preferably wood, and I am happy.

NOTE: This pic is outdated with some bows sold and new bows bought. I'll update it next week.
Here are a few of the bows in my collection, some are take-down, some not. I even have a few crossbows, two from Vietnam that I am terrified to string as they have been drying out for 30+ years and will probably break if I try. Another is an old Wham-o crossbow with aluminum bow that has probably crystallized.

Here are my bows. In weight order.

  1. PSE Buckeye @20#
    A take-down bow for back-yard and stump-shooting. I like the wood handle.
  2. GI Bow Longbow! @30#
    From, I bought it bare and sanded, stained, did the wrapping. Check my Longbow page.
  3. PSA Optima @35#
    Another Take-Down. This one comes 2ith 25# & 35# limbs. I don’t like the aluminum alloy handle.
  4. GI Bow Survival @35#
    I got this one for kayaking as my other take-downs are too bulky. Another bare-bow I stained, sanded and made a handle for. Check my Survival Bow page.
  5. Indian Magnum Hunter @40#
  6. PSE Kingfisher @40#
    This is actually a take-down Fishing Bow but I like it so much it is now my favorite take-down bow for hiking and camping. Someday I may replace the reel and get another fishing arrow.
  7. Bear Kodiak @47#
  8. Bear 8T3611 @58#
    I bought this from a very small girl who received it as a birthday present. She weighed 120# and how her bf thought she could pull a 58# bow, neither of us could figure out. She couldn’t even draw the thing.
  9. Unknown bow of unknown weight but around 30-35#
  10. Unknown fiberglass bow of unknown weight but around 35#
    I got this one because it reminds me of a bow I owned in High School. Someone painted it brown then wrapped tape all over the thing. I am thinking of replacing the rubber handle with a leather-covered wood handle and disguising the fiberglass to look like wood.

There you have the bows I own (not including my three crossbows).
Actually one of these belongs to my daughter. I am simply storing it for her. The Buckeye I keep to loan to women who are beginning archery or for my Amazon Project!

Which are my favorites? First is my Kingfisher. I really like that bow! Second is my Longbow Third is my Survival Bow. After this it is a tie between my Kodiak and Magnum Hunter.

Some of these I may sell, some I may give away. But my favorites tend to shift with my mood. Fortunatly, most of these take a 55” string. The exception being the Magnum Hunter that takes a 47” string. The wood bows are, of course, specific to themselves.

Why don’t I have any pics of me shooting these? Same reason I don’t have many pics of me kayaking or overseas with the Air Force… I am always the guy behind the camera taking the pics.

Still, I enjoy the bow and have a dozen projects that I am working on.

I have recently started to make my own arrows . Here they are with some of my arrow making gear. as of today, the pics are too large so I will shrink them and reload them next week. NEW as of 8 November 2013.

This is my recently purchased Longbow that I had to sand and get ready for the range.

Here is an Arrow Nock jig that I built to enable me to make nocks for my arrows

This is an Arrow Guage I invented to help me and others figure out what length of arrow they should buy for each bow.

A cheap Quiver I made from PVC and left over cloth.

My Bow Bag I made to carry my LongBow in.

A Waterproof Bow Bag for kayaking

A My relearning to fletch arrows

A My Survival Bow

So enjoy these pages and if you have ideas, let me know

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by: Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
Tucson, Az.

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