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by: Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
Tucson, Az.

My Desert Henge Coven and Gardnerian Wicca site.
My Edgar Rice Burroughs site.
My Barsoom & worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs Atlas site.
My Hyboria and worlds of Robert E. Howard Atlas site.
My Atlas of places from Literature and television and movies site.
My Personal Writings site.

My Glori Anne Gilbert e-list that concerns Glori Anne Gilbert, a Beautiful and talented Actress with a smilt to die for.
My Tucson Pagan Paddlers e-list that concerns kayaking, Geocaching and canoeing. CLOSED!!!

My Babes Boobs and Broadswords e-list that concerns Women with Swords in and out of the movies
My Samurai, Werewolves and Pirate Movies e-list that concerns various stupid movies we like to watch for no real good reason. CLOSED!!!
My Frapper map of Gardnerian Witches. CLOSED!!!!

December Sunset from my house

Iíve moved this here after my ex-wife had my original site closed down. Over the next weeks or so, Iíll upload my files and such so please be patient.

So, who am I?
Just some guy with too much to say and not enough time to say it. So I am creating this to tell people, mostly potential dates, who I am so they can decide if I am worth knowing.


  1. Some more family history.
  2. Future plans Things to do and Places to go.
  3. The HuntedTV-dot-Con I have a bit part in this series.
  4. Ice Sculptures
  5. My damaged Mallard kayak and how i repaired it.
  6. Love Song
  7. Packing my Kayak
  8. My Kayaks
  9. A series of pages on my new Longbow and archery gear I make. Leads to more pages.
  10. Geneology! My ancestry.
  11. My Children; Excluding my pets .
  12. Death and Dieing .
  13. When the Dreams Die .
  14. The Dichotemy of Evil .
  15. Freedom is NEVER Free .
  16. 40 Reasons for Gun Control .
  17. Things I Enjoy Doing .
  18. What I Want in a Wife .
  19. My Ideas on love .
  20. Why are Men Such Jerks? .
  21. A Hero for Our Times .
  22. Tarot Cards .
  23. United Arab Emerates .
  24. The Verde Kayak/Canoe Race .
  25. A Visit to the Vet .
  26. My Tales of Eroticism .
  27. My Favorite Kinds of Literature .
  28. Werewolf Movies .
  29. Gifts i would Enjoy Getting .
  30. Internet Security .
  31. My Kayaks .
  32. It's Mardi Gras .
  33. My Personal Philosophy .
  34. What I Look Like .

To contact me or to request topics to be covered, send to RikJohnson39@gmail.com
by: Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
Tucson, Az.